Make a short film

Some of the greatest music festivals have been turned into films. You may not be a professional but you can create some memorable footage using the movie mode on your Canon camera.

Here are some simple tips

  • Plan what you want to film before you start
  • A good rule of thumb is keep clips to 4 seconds; they will provide a better viewing experience and you can join them together later
  • Don’t try to emulate professional film-makers with their extended tracking shots and focus changes, keep the camera still for each short sequence
  • Film in landscape format, never in portrait; you will view the results on devices that use landscape such as televisions
  • Experiment with zoom
  • Include footage of the audience – get your friends involved
  • Keep quiet – don’t sing along!

And finally...
Make photography an integral part of your festival experience; it will give you memories for the rest of your life. And once you get back, select some of your favourite ones and enter them to the You Connect Gallery.


Note: Music events may limit camera usage. Check the event website for details.

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