Taking an alternative look

It isn’t just the performers that are worth photographing. At most festivals, the stalls and other festival goers are almost as interesting as the music.

They will probably be easier to photograph and the images will give you a record of the event. So look around and spot the unusual angles, the colourful people and memorable moments. And don’t forget to get photos of you and your friends!

A panoramic view
One of the incredible things about outdoor summer concerts is the crowd. You see thousands of people with the same interest in music. And the scene as you arrive with the whole crowd and stage in front of you, far to your left and right, is well worth capturing.

All Canon digital cameras come with PhotoStitch software. This is a fantastic application which makes joining a series of photos together really easy. All you have to do is take the photos of your panoramic scene, load them up to your computer and follow the instructions. Do make sure that you keep settings such as exposure and focal length the same for all pictures.

It’s even easier with PowerShot and IXUS models as they have a very useful function called Stitch Assist. This does most of the work of creating a panorama for you, even showing you the previous picture in the series so that you can line up your images easily. 

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