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Why use Essential Business Builder Program

Many printers are turning to new revenue streams from digital print and ancillary services (design, data management, etc.), which the Romano report shows are growing significantly.  70% of European print providers expect the highest revenue growth over the next 2 – 5 years to come from full colour digital printing.


Romano’s team concludes the report with a series of recommendations to enable print providers to maximise the opportunities from digital print services:

·                Understand value of personalisation

·                Focus on value added products and services

·                Market projects, don't sell products

·                Invest in people and training

·                Drive efficiencies and upgrade

·                Embrace the Internet and cross–media

·                Innovate, integrate and automate


Developed in conjunction with leading print industry experts, the Essential Business Builder Program provides help and advice to enable print providers to implement these recommendations and to grow the profitability of their businesses.


The program provides:


A comprehensive series of Information Guides [LINK]


Highly informative face-to-face and web-based Educational Workshops [LINK]


Bespoke Consultancy from independent experts [LINK]