Karolinska Institutet, st. Erik’s Eye Hospital, Sweden

"With the extra feature of fundus auto-fluorescence photography we have discovered retinal discovered retinal changes we have not seen before and which makes us learn more about retinal changes every day we use the Canon CR-2 plus retinal camera."

Rune Brautaset BSc (Hon), Mphil, PhD, Associated professor, and Head of Unit.Director of Studies, Unit of Optometry/Optometry Education, Karolinska Institutet, St Erik’s Eye Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

The co-operation between Canon and the renowned Karolinska Institutet has proven to be very successful. Besides proving the diagnostic value and image quality of the CR-2 Plus, the extensive clinical feedback from karolinska will also be very useful for Canon in their continious striving to improve their retinal cameras even further.

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