Canon UJ111x8.3B

Caractéristiques détaillées

Caractéristiques techniques du produit



Distance focale


(with Extender)

Rapport de zoom


Ouverture relative maximale (nombre F)

1.7 at (8.3-340 mm)
4.65 at (925 mm)

(with Extender)
3.4 at (16.6-680 mm)
9.3 at (1850 mm)

Champ visuel angulaire

60.1°x 36.0° (8.3mm)
0.59°x 0.33° (925mm)

(with Extender)
32.3°x 18.5° (16.6mm)
0.30°x 0.17° (1850mm)

Distance minimale de mise au point

3.0 m*

Plage de prise de vue à la distance minimale de mise au point

311.6x175.3cm* (8.3 mm)
2.9x1.6cm (925 mm)

(with Extender)
155.8x87.7cm* (16.6 mm)
1.5x0.8cm (1850 mm)

Taile approximative* (L × H × l)

approx. 9.9 x 10.1 x 25.1 in./approx. 250.6 x 255.5 x 637.4 mm

Environ 190 g

approx. 58.6 lbs / 26.6 kg

* When using macro, the minimum shooting distance and the shooting distance at time of closest proximity will differ. Please see the manual for details.