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It’s time the documents in your office were secured in the same way as the rest of your IT infrastructure! Right now your computers are probably guarded by technology: firewalls, virus protection and even data encryption. But what about the valuable information you print, fax or send? It could easily be lost, damaged or stolen. It’s time to secure the hard-earned information your business owns.

Did you know that paper records account for nearly ¼ of all data breaches?

  • And that the cost of lost business due to a data breach was the most significant component of the overall costs of such a breach (36% of overall costs)?

Canon can help you to improve your Document Security in the following areas:

Ensuring that business critical information in physical and digital format is not exposed or disclosed to unauthorized individuals or systems. E.g.
  • Secure information transfer over the network when a document is printed or scanned.
  • Enable secure data storage so that no confidential documents can be recovered from a multifunctional printer’s hard disk drive.

Meaning that information remains true to the original version thanks to the control of changes or deletions by prior authorisation. In many industries, ensuring the integrity of documents is a legal requirement. 
  • By applying digital signatures to scanned documents it can be ensured that the document cannot be changed and is displayed exactly the same way it had been scanned.

As well as being secure, we ensure that the information our customers need is available where and when required, and in the right form.
  • Through encryption of PDF documents, they information contained can only be seen by authorised people who know the password.
  • Redundancy of important systems can ensure that important information is constantly available.


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