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Today, Canon has far more to offer your business than just high quality hardware. Whether you are a company who needs printing and document management to support the effective running of your business or a commercial printer who needs to provide the best and most flexible output quality for your customers we can help you transform the way you work. No matter how big your business is and what unique issues you face, see how we can help you by exploring the potential of our hardware, software, consultancy and training services. If you’re looking for a specific piece of hardware or software, start here.


Managing Costs

Do you know what your organisation could save on printing? Up to 3% of revenue is spent on printing*and proactive management of print costs can save up to 30% of that expenditure**

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Improve Productivity

Are you making the most of your information? Hunting for information takes up to a quarter of management time*. 59% of managers claim they miss business-critical information as a result of poor communication.

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Increase Document Security

It’s time the documents in your office were secured in the same way as the rest of your IT infrastructure!
Right now your computers are probably guarded by technology: firewalls, virus protection and even data encryption. But what about the valuable information you print, fax or send? It could easily be lost, damaged or stolen. It’s time to secure the hard-earned information your business owns.

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Managed Print Services

Print activities often cost more than you realise - in fact 90% of organisations don't know what they are spending on print and Gartner believes that print costs can be as much as 3% of a company's revenue.

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Today, there’s increasing  pressure on businesses to operate more sustainably. That’s where Canon can help. We take account of the environmental impacts of our activities, so we can create the products that make a real difference to your business and the environment.

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