Canon VB-S805D


A Fixed Minidome HD network security camera with ultra-compact lens technology. Ideal for indoor security in retail, education and business environments.


Points forts

    • Fixed Minidome design
    • 1.3MP resolution
    • CMOS sensor delivers high performance in low light
    • Wide angle f/1.6 Canon lens offers a 95° Angle of View
    • Multi-streaming (2x H.264, 3x MJPEG) in HD or lower resolutions
    • Edge recording/playback from MicroSD card (up to 64GB)
    • Six intelligent in-built analytics
    • Auto Smart Shade Control applies optimum exposure in difficult lighting conditions
    • ONVIF v2.2 and Profile S compliant
    • Compact size: just 120mm in diameter and 54mm in height

Caractéristiques détaillées

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High image quality

The ultra-compact VB-S805D Fixed Minidome network security camera features HD (1280 x 720) resolution at 30fps. A CMOS sensor delivers impressive image quality without colour bleeding or blurred lines. Auto Smart Shade Control (SSC) optimises exposure to improve highlights and correct dark areas in back-lit scenes or low light conditions, offering a true Day/Night operation.

Superb quality Canon lenses

The camera's ultra-compact wide-angle lens offers a 95° Angle of View. The wide angle and low distortion of the high quality f/1.6 Canon lens delivers more light to the camera's sensor - achieving brighter and better defined images.

Dual imaging processors

The dual image processors - DIGIC DV III and DIGIC NET II - enable seamless capturing, processing, encoding and transmitting of images. The internal programming has been re-engineered to deliver multiple H.264 and/or MJPEG streams in HD or lower resolutions. In addition to multi-streaming, the cameras can also stream simultaneously. The H.264 encoder creates high-quality and high compression video, for smooth surveillance in a range of environments.

Easy integration and compatibility

The VB-S805D integrates seamlessly thanks to their network camera SDK and HTTP protocol specification. Compliance with the latest ONVIF V2.2 and Profile S makes it convenient to create a solution with ONVIF-compliant video management software.

Comprehensive on-board analytics

The VB-S805D offers a comprehensive set of intelligent features including: Moving Object Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Removed Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Passing Detection and Volume Detection. Normally, changes in light conditions interrupt a camera's analytics but the new Canon range automatically resets within 20 seconds of detecting a significant increase or decrease in brightness. This ensures minimal interr

Caractéristiques techniques

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Traitement en réseau efficace

Digic DV III

Gère le contrôle et la qualité de l'image

1.3 Mega Pixel

Images de qualité supérieure

Intelligent Function

Analyse du contenu vidéo

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet


Enregistrement périphérique


Gestion de plusieurs caméras

  • Unité principale de la caméra VB-S805D
  • CD-ROM d'installation
  • Fil de sécurité pour la prévention des chutes
  • Vis pour le fil de sécurité
  • Modèle pour l'installation de la caméra
  • Guide d'installation
  • Carte de garantie

Calculateur d'angle de vue

Calculateur d'espace disque requis

Simulateur de disposition de la caméra (CLS)